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Important Things to Remember When Moving to a New Apartment

Finally having your own apartment is a huge accomplishment. But as soon as the hype of that accomplishment wears off, the daunting task of packing and unpacking one box at a time will ultimately set in. Moving to a new home is a huge undertaking. If you’ve moved a lot in the past, you know [...]

Get Rid of The Unpacking Blues

After the excitement of moving comes the shock of unpacking. When it comes to moving into a new place, we usually have grand plans of starting over a new leaf being organized and all but then after looking at mounds of boxes and furniture taken apart and the dust and grime that needs be cleaned [...]

Moving Out Cleaning Checklist

Do you want your damage deposit back? Make sure you leave your rental in good repair and in the cleanest condition possible. Brisk Transport provides a checklist of the things you need to do so that you can leave your rental looking amazing and your landlord wishing you were still renting there. Sometimes it's just [...]

Moving From Your Parents’ Home For The First Time

Moving away from home and the freedom it gives for you to live your adult life on your own is exciting. It can also be very challenging especially when you first move. What can help you make the transition smoothly? 1. Careful Planning. Decide on what your goals are and how you will attain them [...]

The Best Way To Pack A Moving Vehicle

With the frenzy that moving causes, sometimes we haphazardly throw stuff into a vehicle and jam things in a moving van then later find that not everything fits or some things can easily get damaged and have to rearrange everything again. It's best to plan things out before putting things in a moving vehicle so [...]

Under Your Parents’ Roof Again

Sometimes you may have no choice but to move back in with your parents. You may have suffered the consequences of a bad economy with job loss and loss of a home or you have to move in to help your aging parents because they can't look after themselves properly anymore. Whatever the case, how [...]

Pets On The Move

Like most of us, pets love a good routine and a comfortable stable home. What if their world is about to be turned upside down by moving? How can we prepare them? Professional movers Brisk Transport provides the answers. The World Mover If you're going to be moving to a different country, do some research [...]

Helping Children Adjust To Moving

Many of us probably are used to change and moving from place to place. We usually move for a change of scenery, change of career, or for family reasons. Of course, wherever we go, our children have no choice but to go with us. We might think they're young and they'll get used to it. [...]

Your New Home – What To Do Right After Relocation

- Let your family know you and your children or pets and your stuff have arrived safely. - Make sure all documents are in order for ownership or rental agreement of your new house or apartment and you've got the proper keys for all the locks. - If you're renting your new home, take before [...]

Getting Out of Paper Purgatory

One of the biggest challenges when moving is sorting through papers whether it be receipts, certificates, tax returns, cards, or letters. Usually, we shove receipts in a drawer and forget about them until the drawer is bulging and won't shut. We also do the same with our other documents although more important ones we file [...]